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For years, the Kanakavalli Kanjivaram has become a legendary wardrobe must-have - reflecting the very finest curation of the Kanjivaram weave, Kanakavalli constantly revists its context in a world shaped by the beauty of hand crafting and the essence of tradition - the appeal of the authentic, balanced with the interpretation of the contemporary. 


Now, Kanakavalli extends its curatorial eye well beyond the Kanjivaram, traversing the warp and weft of India's heritage to bring you weaves that adorn the world's most beautiful drape - the sari - in its myriad avatars, and with it, a selection of fine crafted jewellery, each as precious as the weaves that we curate, all a click away, for you to enjoy browsing through and shopping online, right here. 


Each product on the Kanakavalli online boutique is hand selected, and has a story, a lineage and a rooted raison d'être. 


We invite you to our world of craft and beauty - a world of Kanakavalli, and beyond, right here at kanakavalli dotcom.


Kanakavalli dotcom is owned and operated by Kanakavalli Retail LLP, New no.2/ Old no.5, 6th Ave., Harrington Road, Chetpet, Chennai - 600031, Tamil Nadu, India
Tel: +91 44 42120266/ Mob: +91 87544 48349

Email: customercare@kanakavalli.com

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