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Mriga Pakshi

Kanakavalli Silver Coins

Discover beauty in the the kanjivaram craft’s depiction of fauna in these six exquisitely crafted silver coins. Kanakavalli brings the sari’s intricate and most beloved motifs of animals, birds, and mythical creatures to life in fine silver. The coins feature the yali, yanai (elephant), kuthirai (horse), mayil (peacock), maan (deer) and iruthalai pakshi.

Weighing 25gms each, these coins are crafted in 999 purity silver, with a standard weight tolerance of +/- 10mg. They have been created using the latest technologies of refining and alloying to achieve the desired purity of silver.

Available as a set or individually, these unique coins make wonderful collectibles, as well as gifts for special occasions.

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