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Look Book : K929

Kanakavalli's K929 collective of all day kanjivarams travel effortlessly between the rigorous demands of a busy boardroom and the relaxed atmosphere of day to day social engagements. Our style muse for our K929 Look Book below is Amrita Sher-Gil, whose elegant, timeless but edgy style reflects and reaffirms our vision for the K929 aesthetic. 

Characterised by an elemental layout and the craft’s signature representation of colour, the K929 kanjivaram lends itself to contemporary styling and pairing options, featuring embellishments woven in silken yarn and only the occasional hint of muted gold.

The K929 kanjivaram breaks with the notion that the beautiful drape represents occasion wear, transforming with the sharpness of a power dressing equivalent, while reaffirming the versatility of the queen of silks.

Through the bold new aesthetic of the K929 kanjivaram, we trace the evolution of this versatile all day drape that also works seamlessly at night. We shift from work to play, showcasing the K929 in an evening setting.

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