It happened to me many years ago… In fact, as a child, I remember being utterly besotted by the richness of the silk sari... Since then, I have fallen in love a thousand times – with the sari, the Kanjivaram, specifically; I’ve allowed myself that luxury, that sense of liberation and abandon, and now, that childhood relationship with beauty and all things beautiful has grown to become constant, timeless, freely traversing both my personal space and professional arena, filling my life with the very qualities that enable the creation of that garment – the sari…

On paper, Kanakavalli is still young but if I were to reflect upon the genesis of the idea itself – of a standalone, exclusive space that showcased the Kanjivaram sari in a manner that it richly deserves – I’d say it happened some 12 years ago. My desire, or better still, my conviction, to curate for the Kanjivaram a sanctum sanctorum, coincided with a time in my life when I embraced it and literally made it my own, my everyday attire, my personal and business suit, my look, my identity.

In August 2014, I launched Kanakavalli, a curated line of Kanjivarams, in my constant and continued endeavour to celebrate the queen of silks and house it befittingly in a spot that would underline the highest standards in craft, provenance and process, all of which go into the creation of the Kanjivaram.

And so, Kingsley, a lovingly restored residence in Chennai’s Chetpet area, became the flagship destination address for Kanakavalli’s signature store. Kanakavalli also has three more stores – one in south Chennai, another in Coimbatore, in Bengaluru and now in Hyderabad, all fitting settings for the brand.

With the launch of the Kanakavalli online store, we extend the reach of Kanakavalli well beyond geographical boundaries, and we hope you enjoy the new retail space. Kanakavalli dotcom also ventures beyond the kanjivaram, finding the same distilled essence, rarity and breathtaking beauty of master crafts across saris, jewellery and accessories: the best of the best, all curated right here for you. 

The Kanakavalli online store is a platform for possibilities in varied curatorial journeys and experiences that are diverse in form and content but singularly and wholeheartedly united in their promise to deliver an experience that celebrates the finest in beauty, craft and consciousness. 

I welcome you to partake of my eternal quest in celebrating beauty…

Warm regards, 

Ahalya S.