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Here's all you need to know regarding our gift cards, and the policies that inform their use - 

Kanakavalli Gift Cards come in two flavours - 


These are paperless and transacted online. They have no additional processing fees or costs, other than the gift value attributed to them. If you received an email with a gift card then its a digital card, and you can redeem it on our online store...not in our physical stores or exhibitions. 

    • To order a Digital gift card - simply add the digital card/s to your cart, with the card denomination/s you need, and check-out. You can also set up a custom card value through our online customer assistance team! Once you have bought your card, you will receive an email with email subject "Your Kanakavalli Digital Gift Card is here!". Click on the link in the email to access the digital gift card details, and double check the value mentioned there (it should match exactly with the value you ordered).
    • How to use/redeem a Digital Gift Card - As outlined above, the person ordering/purchasing the gift card will receive an email with a link to the created gift card page online. You can then choose to forward your email to the intended gift recipient's email id, OR you can send the actual gift card page link to the intended recipient's email id. Please be careful to send on the digital gift card details to the correct intended gift card recipient email id. The gift card page link contains an alphanumeric code, which the intended recipient can enter at the time of shopping online, during checkout. The gift card balance value will be assigned to the checkout amount.  


For an extra special gift card experience, order our Presentation Gift Cards. These are physical gift cards, assigned a value you can determine via our customer assistance team, after you purchase the gift card online.

These gift cards are finished in a beautiful dull gold metal, engraved with the gift card number and packaged in a Kanakavalli signature red box, perfect for presentation. Once you buy the Presentation Gift Card, please contact our customer assistance team who can then complete the following processes - 

  • Assign a value to the gift card 
  • Let us know the intended recipient's name, mobile number and address (this will be used to check at the time of redemption). 
  • We can hand write a personalised note from you to the gift card recipient, if you'd like to let us know what the note should say. 
  • Let us know to which address the gift card presentation box is to be couriered to (courier charges will be collected if to a destination outside India).

Our Presentation Gift Cards are redeemable online, in our stores and at our exhibitions.  

  • To order a Presentation Gift Card - add the Presentation Gift Card to your cart and pay for the same. Once you do that, please contact our customer assistance team to complete the processes as detailed above. 
  • How to use/redeem a Presentation Gift Card - if you're the lucky recipient of our presentation gift card, congratulations! The value of the gift  card is on the gift note that came with the card (you'll find the gift note in the slip pocket inside the box). We also have a record of the gift card number, value, and intended recipient. You can redeem/use these at any of our stores, exhibitions and on our online store. In all instances, please connect with our staff before your product selection to alert them that you'll be using a presentation gift card, and hand them the card for validating the details. You may be asked to produce some identification for you to match the details we have on file. Once this is matched, enjoy shopping and we will apply the gift card amount at checkout!


    • Gift cards, once assigned to a gift recipient, cannot be transferred.
    • It is therefore critical, when conveying details of your intended recipient for a Presentation Gift card, that you take care to provide the correct information, as this affects the delivery and use of the product. 
    • Likewise, for Digital Gift cards, once you (as purchaser) receive the email with the link to the gift card product code, please double check that you are sending the link to the correct, intended recipient's email id. 
    • When redeeming a Presentation Gift Card, you must produce the card for validation. 
    • When redeeming a Presentation Gift Card, you may be asked for identity proof at our stores or exhibitions. 
    • Validity - Our gift cards are valid for 6 months from date of issue. 
    • The value of the gift cards, and any current balances, cannot be exchanged for cash. 
    • The gift recipient may not use a combination of Digital and Presentation Gift cards together to redeem against a purchase. However you may use multiple Digital Gift cards together, or Presentation Gift cards together, to make a purchase.