Look Book : Molten

Kanakavalli brings you Molten - a selection of exquisite, limited edition kanjivarams that glimmer with irridescent hues woven into the silken drape. The colours of the silk are transformed with the soft glow of shot tones, that come together to create the shimmering visual effect of liquid gold & silver. With borders and pallus subtly embellished with zari, the sari is a canvas, flowing in a beautiful river of incandescent colour.

From Rust Gold and Rose Gold through to White and Antique Gold, Molten uncovers the moods and nuances warp and weft can achieve in colour.

Weaving some of the most simple and classic layouts of the kanjivaram tradition, with the delightful lustre and radiance of a glowing palette, each sari of the Molten collective is perfect for festive and special occasions.