Kanakavalli Silver Coin Collectible - Iruthalai Pakshi

Rs. 3,680

The Mriga Pakshi series of exquisitely crafted silver coins features the kanjivaram's most beloved motifs of birds, animals, and mythical creatures, each coming alive in intricate detail on fine silver. 

This coin features the iruthalai pakshi or two-headed bird is an ancient motif, considered an emblem of victory. It has been used in the insignia of royal families for millenia. On the kanjivaram, this motif is magnificent, woven in rich gold zari or coloured silken yarn.

Collect the rest of the Mriga Pakshi silver coin series, inspired by the kanjivaram's motifs, available in stores and online. The series is also available as a set. 

Metal - Silver
Coin Gross weight - 25 grams
Purity - 99.99% Silver
Coin Diameter - 3.1 centimetres
Coin Thickness - 2.5 millimeters

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