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Shimmering Highlights

Ettu Kol Weaves

This festive season, Kanakavalli brings you Ettu Kol Weaves, a selection of fine kanjivarams richly adorned with silver and gold zari using one of the craft's signature techniques. These exquisite silk saris are woven on a four-pedal loom, known as the ettu kol, in a complex and meticulous process requiring the legendary skill of the Kanchipuram weaver. The resulting twill weave, executed in fine silver and gold zari and overlaid upon the lush silk of the base fabric, lends the sari a delightful shimmer and textured effect. In this collective, the extraordinary weave detail takes the form of delightful rising borders, traditional temple patterns, as well as other classic motifs and designs that adorn the kanjivaram drape. The technique emphasises the rich depth and gorgeous lustre of the zari, perfect to light up your festive wardrobe.

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