Most of us are on lockdown, so we thought, let’s have some (sari) fun while we are at it! We are inviting you to join Kanakavalli’s #lockdownsariswag Insta postathon - click and post your swaggiest sari pics to your STORY (in lockdown mode of course) - go extra, go bougie, go crazy...but above all, have fun!

You do you, and swag it up! Be sure to tag us @thekanakavalliedit and hashtag #lockdownsariswag 

We are kicking things off with this cheeky (and heavily doctored) image from one of our past shoots - what can we say, its a sign of the times!


So here are the "rules" - 

  • For the duration of the all India lockdown - till and including April 14th (as it stands now) we invite you to take swagtastic sari pics/boomerangs/vids and post it to your Insta Stories
  • Be sure to TAG us @thekanakavalliedit and HASHTAG #lockdownsariswag!
  • Swag it up! Get creative! We want your Story to put a smile on everyone's dial!
  • Everyday, we'll repost your lockdown sari swag entries on our Stories ! 
  • IMPORTANT - Please be sure to post to your Stories only, not your Insta grid.  
  • At the end, we'll pick three lucky winners for a surprise gift from Kanakavalli! (to receive the gift you will need to be in a destination our logistics partners deliver to) 
  • This postathon is open to anyone anywhere, and you can wear any handloom sari (need not be a Kanakavalli sari - although you know those got swag built in) - feel free to tag the brand you're wearing too, we are all in this together!
  • Winners will be announced in the second half of April, or whenever the lockdown is lifted, whichever is earlier (we know, our fingers are crossed too!) 
  • There's no limit on number of entries - feeling the sariswag everyday? Post away! But do be sure to tag and hashtag us! And don't repeat posts, please. 

Let's shake up the lockdown!


Team Kanakavalli