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Kanakavalli Sari Keep Safe Bag

Sale priceRs. 260.00

Kanakavalli's Sari Keep Safe Bag is perfect for storing your favourite saris, at home and when you travel.

Made in pure cotton, this thoughtfully crafted bag measuring 30.5cm, x 43cm has two pockets: one for your sari and an extra one for a blouse and accessories. With a double button closure for protection and a transparent window through which the sari is visible, it is both practical and thoughtful.

Ideal for planning and carrying entire outfits for destination weddings and special occasions, or making sure your sari is safe while at home, our Keep Safe Bag is a must-have.  

Product Specifications:

Main pocket size - 30.5cm x 43cm

Outer pocket size - 30.5cm x 32cm

Weight when empty - 30grams

Note: For longer term storage of infrequently worn silk and brocaded saris, please use a sari roll to prevent ‘settled’ fold and crease/fade lines occurring from long term folded storage. 

If you do choose to store your infrequently worn silks and brocades folded (rather than rolled), please ensure you open, air and refold them at intervals to prevent fold/crease line settling.

Kanakavalli Sari Keep Safe Bag
Kanakavalli Sari Keep Safe Bag Sale priceRs. 260.00