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In Buttidar, Kanakavalli brings you the kanjivaram, adorned. Each exquisitely detailed sari in this curation features motifs presented in repeat patterns, rendered in varied forms to create a rhythmic geometry on the drape. The buttis - tiny, delicate motifs or larger and more striking in relief - are woven in fine zari to dot the body of the sumptuous silks, or occasionally set within checks. The same sari might have a single butti in repeat, or a combination of two or more - the most widely occurring pair is the mayil (peacock) and chakram. 

A laborious and time consuming weaving technique is adopted for executing these repeat motifs, one requiring absolute precision and skill. Appearing as it does within the drape of the sari, the butti requires the introduction of an extra weft on the loom. The thread count between each motif has to be exactly the same across the drape to establish continuity of design.

Ranging from the classic kamalam (flower), rudraaksh, maanga (mango or paisley) and chakram to the mayil (peacock), iru thalai pakshi (two-headed bird), malli moggu (tear drop) and kasu (coin), this collective reveals the beauty that lies in the nuance of the kanjivaram's embellishment. 

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