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Vault : Buttidar

In Buttidar, Kanakavalli brings you the kanjivaram, adorned. Each exquisitely detailed sari in this curation features motifs presented in repeat patterns to create a rhythmic geometry on the drape. The buttis - tiny, delicate motifs or larger and more striking in relief - are woven in fine zari to dot the body of the sumptuous silks. The same sari might have a single butti in repeat, or occasionally a combination of two - the most widely occurring pair is the mayil (peacock) and chakaram. Each motif is rich in symbolism and significance, drawn from the fascinating culture, mythology and history of South India and its traditions of art.

Ranging from the classic kamalam (lotus), manga (mango or paisley) and maan (deer) to the mayil and chakaram, this collective reveals the beauty that lies in the nuance of the kanjivaram's embellishment.

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