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Kanakavalli's March pick for The Beautiful Drape is a simple but stunning kanjivaram that features classic elements and techniques wtith an unusual play on colour.The body of the sari is dotted with gold iruthalai pakshi or two-headed bird motifs, also called gandaberunda, a symbol of victory.
The borders are adorned with oosi kattam or 'needle checks' in gold zari, formed from delicate crisscrossing vaira oosi (diamond needle) stripes. The borders are referred to as rettai seeru pettu, lined by two rows of zari on either side.
The pallu is attached in the benth technique - a weave interlock created to even out the section of yarn where two dyes spillover into each other. It features bulb moggu (inspired by light bulb shapes), alongside a benaras twill weave band, thuthiripoo motifs, yaanai (elephants), diamond motifs, yalis and a band of diamond kann (dotted diamond shapes that resemble eyes).
The beauty of this kanjivaram lies in its understated elegance and unexpected palette. Available in multiple striking colourways, it features zari with a composition of 0.3% gold and 25% silver.


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