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Kanakavalli's June pick for The Beautiful Drape is an exquisite monotone sari from the Valli Muhurtham collective of bridal and trousseau weaves. Its beauty lies in the intricate detail of its embellishment, the zari shimmering against the rich hues of the silk.
The body of the kanjivaram features delicate vaira oosi stripes and kamalam or lotus motifs. The borders are adorned with arumbu moggu, muthu seeru, annams enclosed in big boxes, parakam kuthirai (winged horses), chakarams and peacocks enclosed in smaller boxes, benaras patterns and a row of rudraksham motifs flanked by muthu seeru. The pallu is embellished with mangai moggu or paisleys, a band of benaras patterns, rudraksha, yanai (elephants), a form of the peacock motif referred to as thogai mayil, and a band of geometric designs known as rudraksha kann.
This kanjivaram features zari with a composition of 0.3% gold and 24-26% silver, and comes in several gorgeous colourways.

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