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BEAUTIFUL DRAPE : December Edition

Kanakavalli's December pick for The Beautiful Drape is a classic kanjivaram featuring some of the most beloved motifs of the craft. The traditional zari embellishments emphasise the inherent geometry of the sari and its dramatic beauty. The body of the kanjivaram is adorned with double-lined twill weave checks known as retta patta benaras kattam in gold zari. The kattams enclose mayils (peacocks) and chakarams, a classic motif pairing. The borders feature bambaram moggu, named for the spinning top toys that the row of buttis resemble, alongside a band of benaras or twill designs enclosed by muthu seeru, dotted lines that glitter like pearls. A broad band of diamond kann (eye) patterns on the pallu is flanked by neli stripes (wavy lines inspired by the traditional metti or bridal toe ring) that are also called valaiyal or bangle designs. Alongside these are rudraksha motifs, muthu seeru, and kattu annam, in which the majestic birds are enclosed in square patterns. The pallu is lined by bambaram moggu like those on the borders. Available in an array of delightful colours, from classic jewel tones to contemporary pastels, this kanjivaram features zari with a composition of 0.3% gold and 24-26% silver.

BEAUTIFUL DRAPE : December Edition

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