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This month's edition of The Beautiful Drape is a gorgeous, classic-format kanjivaram from our design-led Vault collective of heirloom saris that are exclusive to the brand. Traditional motifs and complex hand-weaving techniques serve to spotlight the inherent geometry and dramatic beauty of the kanjivaram.The body of the sari is embellished with rows of delicate pearl-like muthu seeru lines enclosing kattu rudraksha (rudraksha motifs set between two vertical lines). The borders feature a band woven in silk, flanked on either side by contrast moplah lines, bhugodi triangles, vanki patterns (inspired by the traditional armlet) in silk, muthu seeru and kattu rudraksha. Gold temple patterns or reku and a broad band of zari are woven in the laborious ettu kol technique on the pallu, amid more delicate bands of gold zari.This kanjivaram, available in multiple striking colourways, features zari with a composition of 40% silver and 0.3% gold.

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