Nose for detail

That I’m fascinated with jewellery – its making and its wearing – is an old story; but you must know that I’m equally excited by the many hidden stories, the subtle and often complex layers that clothe and surround the very act of the jewellery we wear – its why, how, where…

One such intriguing story is that of the nose pin. A few weeks ago, Ahalya, the jewellery brand I founded, launched a new range of nose pins and invited novices in the world of wearing nose pins to come by, try them on and make a decision to wear or not to wear this tiny piece of jewellery that has traversed many a diverse journey, acquiring for itself many expressions and connotations – traditional or the exact opposite of it, a mark of rebellion, a statement of style that is subtle but significant nevertheless, an indication of a certain kind of feminine coyness… You know what I’m talking about!

The nose pin is also a highly personal piece of jewellery; a marker of one’s core value systems and beliefs and in my journey as a designer, I’ve also noticed that shopping for it is also a very personal experience unlike shopping for earrings or bangles that are often collective in the way they unfold. I’m also fascinated by how the nose pin, unlike an earring or a neckpiece, is one that often stays for a while, remaining and in a sense, blossoming and maturing with its wearer. And because of its personalised sense of permanence, creating a nose pin is equally challenging. God, I believe, is in the details. It’s imperative that it fits your nose just right, that it doesn’t hinder your vision, that the viewer sees it upfront and is drawn to it, but never completely distracted by it…

That is also probably why the nose pin isn’t the prerogative of all and sundry! It’s the privilege of those who are certain of a perspective and are willing, in a sense, to see things from that point of view!

- Ahalya S 

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