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Kanakavalli - Coimbatore

We take you into our Kanakavalli Coimbatore signature retail space -  nestled in one of the city's loveliest neighbourhoods, the Kanakavalli store here is one of the most contemporary and beautiful, drawing from the modern architecture of the unusual grey building, with its sweeping staircase and feeling of openness. The entire store, spread across two floors, has windows on every side, and the walls can be opened out to create a seamless flow between the interiors and the exteriors. The space leads into two courtyards - one with a gorgeous lily pond - and the surrounding gardens are lush and green. The retail floors are perfectly lit by rich, natural light, while artefacts and antique pieces dot the space, bringing to life Kanakavalli's design aesthetic, defined by a deep commitment to craft.

Thoughtful accents in the Coimbatore store - from an ornamental brass mirror to stone sculptures and antique pieces - transport you back in time... A pair of yazhis carved in stone perches in one corner, a tribute to a favourite motif of the kanjivaram.

Sunlight pours into the space; a perfect setting for the Kanakavalli kanjivaram, the Cotton Collective and The Blouse Studio. Every detail comes together in a shopping experience that combines luxury with a unique sense of intimacy.

The feeling of openness and the quiet simplicity of the store beautifully highlight the textures and colours of the textiles, bringing the Kanakavalli repertoire into focus.

Walk through the courtyards and the lush gardens that surround the building to experience a moment of serenity in the heart of the city. Do visit Kanakavalli Coimbatore to immerse yourself in beauty, and to celebrate the coming together of the contemporary and the ancient in signature Kanakavalli style.


Address: 1, GD Naidu Street Race Course Road Coimbatore - 641018
Tel: +91 97910 18484, +91 422 427 0165.