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Kanakavalli - Bengaluru

Our Bengaluru store, one of our signature retail spaces, reflects all the little details that underline our passion for craft. Spacious and soaked in warm, natural light, it is an experience in luxury, and a fitting setting for the queen of silks - the Kanakavalli kanjivaram sari. 

Like all our stores, the focus here is on the kanjivaram, creating an ambience that is intimate and serene, highlighting the beauty and the rich colours of the silken drape. The interiors are a reflection of our commitment to creating a unique shopping experience with a personal touch, with thoughtful detailing, including antique pieces and works of art that pay tribute to our cultural heritage. 

Sunlight streams in through vibrant stained glass windows, lined with beautiful pillars that lend a touch of the classical to the space. An ancient wedding chest stands in a  corner, fitted with a mirror and trays that once held a bride's trousseau...

The kanjivaram is the centre of attention; splendid hues and lush silken drapes standing out in the serene ambience. The store showcases the Kanakavalli kanjivaram collection, the vibrant fabric lengths of The Blouse Studio, as well as our much loved Cotton Collective.


Stairs lead you through a leafy entrance, up to the Kanakavalli store. Intricately detailed pillars and stained glass accents create the perfect setting for the beautiful drape. We invite you to visit our stores to experience Kanakavalli.

Address: 2nd floor, Saanchi, #5, Setlur Street, Langford Town, Bengaluru - 560025.
Tel: +91 99405 15627, +91 80 4866 3888.