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Kanakavalli at Kingsley - Chennai

Join us as we wander through Kanakavalli's flagship store at Kingsley, located in the heart of Chennai.

Kingsley is a lovingly restored century-old family home built in the colonial style, with high ceilings, ornate columns and sprawling verandahs. The lush green of the verdant garden perfectly sets off the pure white of the architecture. Kingsley is an extraordinary space, not only because of the richness of its light and the magic of its ambience, but for the feeling of familiarity that it exudes. Despite its grandeur, it is familiar, warm and welcoming, the perfect setting for Kanakavalli's repertoire. With its classic black and white marble flooring, a gorgeous gazebo set within a courtyard, and antique pieces that become design features of the store, Kingsley transports you back in time, creating a truly luxurious shopping experience.

A cosy foyer welcomes you into Kingsley, with comfortable seating and a welcoming air. Thoughtful accents lend a touch of the classical to the space, including a traditional Kerala brass lamp and a mirror with a carved wooden frame that once hung in a palace.

Kingsley houses Kanakavalli's kanjivarams, the Blouse Studio and the Cotton Collective, complemented perfectly by a select clutch of curated handcrafted brands.

Browse our repertoire, showcased in antique cupboards, where the colours of the textiles stand out beautifully in the warm lighting. With sprawling spaces and exquisite design details, Kingsley is unique and intimate, an experience of craft and luxury like no other.

Kingsley opens out into a spacious courtyard, with a gorgeous gazebo painted a familiar, old-world blue, and trees that are home to many families of birds. The entrance leads into a lush garden in a myriad shades of green. White pots carved into the verandah are a distinctive design feature of the architecture, adding to the building's old-world charm. 
Step inside the Kanakavalli store at Kingsley to travel back in time and to immerse yourself in the essence of beauty and tradition.


Address:  60, Spur Tank road, M.S. Nagar, Mukta Gardens, Chetpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600031
Tel: +91 95661 92266, +91 44 4285 5111.