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Kanakavalli - Adyar, Chennai

Kanakavalli's Adyar store is located in a lovely, leafy neighbourhood in Chennai. In seeking a space that, though set within a commercial building, was filled with natural light that is a signature feature of all our stores, we found the perfect setting for the Kanakavalli repertoire. The Adyar store is extraordinarily spacious and airy, with plenty of room to move and breathe. The layered ceiling ensures diffused lighting with no direct light on the saris. Thus when you view and drape the kanjivaram in our store, you are seeing it as you would when wearing it at home or at an event. The conscious planning of the lighting - set within the false roof with no surface or focus lights - to keep it as natural and soft as possible makes the Adyar store truly special.

The sun streams in through wide windows that look out onto treetops over the street below. Cupboards displaying the textiles and seating areas to explore the saris are dotted around the sprawling retail floor.

The thoughtfully designed store brings to life the Kanakavalli repertoire: the eternal kanjivaram, The Cotton Collective and the versatile fabrics of The Blouse Studio.

Discover the vibrant hues and exquisite textures of the textiles in a space that inspires a feeling of intimacy and luxury, a unique shopping experience.

Carefully curated pieces of furniture fill the store - an old brass urli, a mirror with an exquisite rosewood frame inlaid with patterns in satinwood, and beautifully carved chairs. The Pooja plate is a regular feature of our stores, filled with fresh, fragrant mallipoo, or jasmine flowers, a favourite with clients.
Step inside the sprawling Adyar store to experience the essence of beauty in a space that brings together the traditional and the modern.

Address: 93/45, 1st Avenue, Indira Nagar, Adyar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600020
Tel: +91 98403 66200, +91 44 4952 5500.