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Dark Warp

Kanakavalli's Dark Warp collective is an immersion into and exploration of the quality of colour in weave. The addition of deeper tones, not conventionally associated with the classic kanjivaram, dramatically transforms the sari's palette. Incorporating intense black, navy, grey or brown in the warp or weft of the loom darkens and brightens or gently mutes the colours of a sari. These richly saturated hues lend themselves effortlessly to varied moods and occasions, infusing the traditional weave with a contemporary elegance.
The imagery created for Dark Warp reflects this tension between the old and the new, as we contemplate ideas of identity that are constantly in flux. The juxtaposition of the past and the present - in the form of very traditional silhouettes with distinctly modern styling - echoes the aesthetic of the Dark Warp kanjivaram.
The colours of these silks, made warmer or more vivid with darker shades of yarn, are striking, used in unusual combinations and exquisitely embellished with zari. Discover the collective right here.

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