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BEAUTIFUL DRAPE : October Edition

This October, Kanakavalli's pick for The Beautiful Drape is a stunning kanjivaram that spotlights the craft's distinctive use of colour and the extraordinary detail of its motifs.

The body of the kanjivaram is adorned with rows of gold kamalam or lotus buttas, that sparkle on the silk. The borders in a complementary hue feature traditional motifs and designs in zari, including kalasam moggu, benaras patterns, neli stripes, annams and kattu vanki, with a row of rudrakshas at the end. The pallu is adorned with a broad band of neli stripes, flanked by benaras patterns, kamalam (lotus), maan (deer), mayil (peacock) and yali motifs, as well as a row of peacocks and chakarams.
The beauty of this sari lies in the subtlety of its colourplay, juxtaposed against the drama and intricacy of its embellishment. Available in multiple colourways, this

kanjivaram features zari with a composition of 0.3% gold and 27% silver.

BEAUTIFUL DRAPE : October Edition

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