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BEAUTIFUL DRAPE : November Edition

This November, Kanakavalli's pick for The Beautiful Drape is a gorgeous single-tone kanjivaram, perfect for the festive season. The beauty of this kanjivaram lies in its fine zari embellishment, emphasising the dramatic layout of the sari as well as its rich hue. The body of the kanjivaram is dotted with delicate kamalam (lotus) buttas. Bhugodi triangles, benaras twill designs, muthu seeru, paisleys and a band of vanki patterns in zari adorn the borders. The pallu features a broad band of diamond kann patterns flanked on either side by thilagam moggu, benaras designs, a band of kuyil kann motifs, a delicate floral design known as rani mudi samandhi (literally translating to the marigold flowers that adorn the hair of the queen) and annams. Available in colours ranging from gentle pastels to rich jewel tones, this kanjivaram features zari with a composition of 0.3% gold and 30% silver.

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