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BEAUTIFUL DRAPE : February Edition

Kanakavalli's pick for The Beautiful Drape this February is a striking kanjivaram that is an ode to the essence of the craft tradition. The intricate detail of its embellishment serves to beautifully highlight the dramatic geometry of the drape.
The body of the sari is dotted with pura kann button motifs, delicate dotted buttis inspired by the eye of the pigeon, woven in silver and gold zari. The borders feature kadhir moggu (wheat buds), pearl-like dotted lines known as muthu seeru and mayil kann or peacock eye motifs composed of diamond shapes enclosing dots, all in gold zari. The pallu features a central band of nadu kann diamond shapes, flanked on either side by a row of delicate paisleys or manga moggu, alongside muthu seeru, bands of benaras or twill patterns, vanki (inverted V-shaped patterns inspired by the traditional armlet), yanai or elephant motifs and anna pakshi bird motifs.
Available in multiple colourways, this gorgeous kanjivaram features zari with a composition of 0.3% gold and 30-40% silver.

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