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Beautiful Drape : April Edition

Kanakavalli's April pick for The Beautiful Drape is a kanjivaram from the design-led Vault collective of heirloom weaves that are exclusive to the brand. The beauty of this sari lies in the striking interplay of colour and the classic simplicity of its embellishment, woven entirely by hand in the adai technique.
The body of the kanjivaram is adorned with iruthalai pakshi motifs in gold zari. The borders feature a band of contrast colour, flanked by bhugodi triangles, mutthu seeru and kamalam or lotus motifs, with a central design element composed of benares patterns and neli stripes. The pallu, interlocked in the benth technique, is woven in the same contrast colour as the border and embellished entirely with mutthu seeru in zari.
Available in several stunning colour variations, this exquisite kanjivaram features zari with a composition of 0.3% gold and 35% silver.


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