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Article: Kanjivaram Care - Sari TLC tips!

Kanjivaram Care - Sari TLC tips!

As we're all locked down, working from home, and isolating ourselves from the world outside, you might find little opportunity to wear your favourite kanjivarams. Many of you have asked how best to store and care for your silk saris at this time, and Ahalya has some tips for you...
Thanks for reading...stay in, stay safe, and we hope this helps you store your kanjivarams better.

Here's the text version in case you prefer it - 

  • Store your kanjivarams in a cool, dark space, so the colours stay rich and vibrant. Don't store them in plastic covers or boxes, as they need to breathe. Open up your cupboard often to allow air to circulate. 

  • If you can, keep your heavier kanjivarams rolled on a beam (a spare curtain road will doo too), to prevent creasing. Alternatively, you could hang them on padded hangers to avoid too many folds.

  • Try not to stack your folded kanjivarams too high, as these are heavy saris and when weighed down they will develop sharp creases. However, if you're running out of space, you could keep changing the order of stacking so those at the bottom get some time at the top of the pile. You could also stack a few light cotton saris above the kanjivarams.

  • Once every week or two, it might be a good idea to take your kanjivarams off the shelf and air them out on your bed or outdoors in the shade for half a day. Refold your kanjivarams occasionally to avoid sharp creases from forming.

  • If you have access to a fragrant herbal material, put a little sachet into your sari cupboard to prevent the silks from smelling musty.

  • Finally, take some time to find exciting new pairings for your saris, blouses and accessories...lay them out, snap them, wear them (or save them for later), and share these pairings with your friends!



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