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Vithya X Kanakavalli - Winners’ Gift Card Terms & Conditions

Congratulations on being one of the three winners at our Vithya X collaboration event!

As part of the winners’ grand prize, alongwith a box ofmakeup and skincare goodies handpicked by Vithya for you, is the Kanakavalli Gold Gift Card.

This entitles you, the winner, to INR 50,000/- towards your next purchase at Kanakavalli, hopefully part of your bridal or trousseau sari selection!

Please scroll down for a few important points to note...


Terms & Conditions - 

  1. This Gift Card is non transferable, and cannot be exchanged for cash. 
  2. No cash can be claimed back if your purchased sari is less than the value of this card.
  3. This card can only be applied to one sari, at one purchase time and date. It cannot be used for multiple products purchased. 
  4. Only the designated winner can claim this offer personally, and must submit acceptable photographic proof of identity while redeeming this offer, along with the Gift Card.
  5. The Gift Card must be surrendered to the store at the time of redeeming the offer. 
  6. This card and the offer are valid for 6 months starting from 8th March 2020. 
  7. You can redeem this offer at any one of our retail points  - Kanakavalli At Kingsley, Kanakavalli Adyar, Kanakavalli Hyderabad, Kanakavalli Bengaluru, Kanakavalli Coimbatore and Kanakavalli Online. This card/offer cannot be used at Kanakavalli's traveling exhibitions. 
  8. The product you select, once bought/redeemed against this card, is governed by our general Terms and Conditions which you can find here :

We wish you all the best in your selection, look forward to seeing you at one of our stores, and hope you enjoy your Kanakavalli Gift Card!

Best, Team Kanakavalli