Welcome to The Kanakavalli Pop Up Shop, where we present a range of exciting limited-period online exhibits. Here, we curate brands and objects that we love, each reflecting in its own way the Kanakavalli vision, aesthetic and love for beauty. This space will host week-long showcases, featuring a delightful and eclectic array of designer labels, textiles, jewels, vintage objects and lots more.


The Kanakavalli Pop Up Shop is delighted to present its very first exhibit, Pradeep Pillai's 'Tropical Modern' collection, online from November 25 to December 1, 2019.
This range of beautifully handcrafted saris is woven in a refined blend of linen, cotton, silk and chanderi. In a palette traversing the gamut of colour - from delicate pastels to rich earthy tones and beyond - these drapes play with geometrics, abstraction and asymmetry, juxtaposed with traditional patterning. Drawing inspiration from the architectural style of Tropical Modernism, this range of saris is defined by contemporary design that is rooted in traditional weaving techniques. The design vocabulary Pradeep Pillai creates is minimalist in tone, exuding modernity while staying true to the classic.
Shop Pradeep Pillai from November 25 to December 1, available online exclusively at