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Welcome to The Kanakavalli Pop Up Shop, where we present a range of exciting limited-period online exhibits. Here, we curate brands and objects that we love, each reflecting in its own way the Kanakavalli vision, aesthetic and love for beauty. This space will host week-long showcases, featuring a delightful and eclectic array of designer labels, textiles, jewels, vintage objects and lots more.


The Kanakavalli Pop Up Shop curates the finest handcrafted saris from around the country, and is delighted to present the Ecoloom exhibit this season, showcasing the brand's latest collections of exquisite handwoven Maheshwari silk cotton saris. 'The Wait' is the festive edit, featuring a rich, vibrant palette with the sparkle of zari. 'Paar Darshi' is a collection of beautiful Maheshwari silk cottons in soft sorbet shades perfect for the summer. These easy breezy saris celebrate the delicate fluidity of the Maheshwari drape, its inherent geometric structure and simple elegance.
The Ecoloom Pop Up is available online at till March 29.


The Kanakavalli Pop-Up Shop is delighted to showcase the finest nosepins handcrafted by Ahalya. As we continue to curate an array of objects and designers that reflect Kanakavalli's vision and love for beauty, we bring you an ode to the mukkuthi. A unique take on a subtle but iconic piece of traditional jewellery, these statement hand crafted fine jewellery designs featuring precious stones set in gold are the perfect accent to the sari. The delicate nosepins in this collection are the epitome of grace and understated luxury. 
Shop the Ahalya Nosepin Pop-Up, available online exclusively from 20th - 26th January, 2020, available for shipping within India. 


As part of its ongoing efforts to curate the finest handcrafted saris, Kanakavalli is delighted to present the Nadiya Paar pop-up showcasing the brand's Spring Summer 2020 collection, 'Forget Me Not, online from 23rd to 29th December,2019 .
Woven in delicate Chanderi, with its perfect, shimmering blend of silk and cotton, these saris feature statement Indian floral prints, from desi gulaab (Indian rose) and champa (frangipani) to mogra (jasmine). The palette weaves through soft pastels and richer earthy hues, all perfect for a springtime wardrobe. Weightless, whimsical and flowing gently like a second skin, these gorgeous saris are the epitome of modernism and comfort. Look out for a selection of gorgeous printed mashru blouse fabric lengths and colourful inskirts to complete the look.


The Kanakavalli Pop Up Shop is delighted to present its very first exhibit, Pradeep Pillai's 'Tropical Modern' collection, online from November 25 to December 1, 2019.
This range of beautifully handcrafted saris is woven in a refined blend of linen, cotton, silk and chanderi. In a palette traversing the gamut of colour - from delicate pastels to rich earthy tones and beyond - these drapes play with geometrics, abstraction and asymmetry, juxtaposed with traditional patterning. Drawing inspiration from the architectural style of Tropical Modernism, this range of saris is defined by contemporary design that is rooted in traditional weaving techniques. The design vocabulary Pradeep Pillai creates is minimalist in tone, exuding modernity while staying true to the classic.
Shop Pradeep Pillai from November 25 to December 1, available online exclusively at