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 As part of your application and the selection process for the post of Product Designer-Developer, we would like to see how you take forward an ongoing project idea we are working on which we call the Kanakavalli Haberdashery. 

Borrowing from the original idea of a store selling notions and supplies, the idea of a haberdasher's range as it applies to us would cover a range of accessories built around the sari. For example, a packaged set of perfect sari safety pins, or a sari storage bag.

Aesthetically, we are leaning into a  vintage apothecary/haberdashery/general store presentation optic too for this range 

Above: A typical haberdashery/general store style display. 

The possibilities are many, and you are requested to consider the same as a presentation. We will be looking specifically how well you understand the brief, what your selection of products is, and for any one of the products which you propose, a development sheet. 

Above: images of vintage haberdashery style packaging and products from the Victoria & Albert Museum store. 

The sky is the limit here, as you are not constrained at this stage by commercial ramifications - we want to see where your ideas are at, and how well you communicate them.

Please submit your presentation for the above within 5 days of receiving the email and link to this page.You can submit your results, along with any notes and in any presentation format you choose that you think communicates your execution best.

All the best!
Team Kanakavalli