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As part of the the interview and selection process , we would like to see how you creatively construct an Instagram campaign for one of our collections - Whiter Shades Of Pale.

1. You will find product pleated images, model images, and "mood shots" here. 
2. In the same link from point 1 above you will also find a logo folder with pngs to the Kanakavalli text logo and deer logo. 

Please download as needed to use only for this exercise. Please do not under any circumstances use these images for any other project. 

You can also refer to the very same campaign on Instagram and Facebook as we have portrayed it - It ran from 2nd August to 7th August 2021.

Here is a screenshot of the campaign grid as we planned it on Insta - 

You will need to submit -
1. Grid view jpeg for the entire campaign
2. Post view jpegs per day of posting
3. Accompanying stories - a maximum of 3 stories.

- Look in the folder titled "Pleated shots" to get a quick overview of the saris and their design codes. These will help you locate mood shots and model shots for the same product.
- we always post in sets of 3 on Instagram. Please consider that and what further flexibility that gives you.
- we place equal emphasis on grid aesthetics as post aesthetics.
We’ll be looking at how creatively you stretch the brief and use all the display formats in Instagram to best showcase the campaign. Don’t feel constrained to import external objects, or draw if needed - the sky is the limit. Your creativity, technical skills (digital and manual) and understanding of the brand message are being assessed here.

Please submit your campaign presentation for the above within 5 days of receiving the email and link to this page.You can submit your results, along with any notes and in any presentation format you choose that you think communicates your execution best.

All the best!

Team Kanakavalli