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Varna Sutra : Patra, Pushpam - Flora on the kanjivaram

Varna Sutra : Patra, Pushpam - Flora on the kanjivaram

We continue our exploration of the kanjivaram’s motifs in Varna Sutra: Patra, Pushpam, turning our focus to the world of plants and flowers that come alive on the drape.

The natural world is a source of inspiration for the weaver, who draws on the rich diversity of local trees, flowers, fruit, seeds and leaves; each steeped in history, mythology and culture. The motif on the sari is not a literal rendition of the plant or flower, but a uniquely stylised and more elemental interpretation, that fits seamlessly into the kanjivaram layout and embellishment. From the ubiquitous manga or mango motif, to the graceful vines of the kodi visiri, every element is skillfully adapted and stylised to stay true to the kanjivaram aesthetic, while celebrating the beauty and symbolism of nature.

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