The Warp & Weft Quiz

Here's a short and sweet fun quiz for you to try your hand at -  click on the image below to launch the quiz and do let us know how you got on in the comments section :o) 




I agree with natural colors… I got to know more on it as my husband works on extracting natural dyes…

Dr Usha S July 27, 2018

Namaste Ahalyaji,

I know the earlier kanjivarams are woven with natural dyes.Being curious do we have sarees made from natural dyes.Why can’t we go back and make those now.As they from plants you can grow and our farmers will also be benefitted.As Ahalyaji got the title Kanjivaram warrior read from Indian Express Please think what i have said.I am confident that you only can do this.

Best wishes and thank you
prashanthi kola

prashanthi kola May 01, 2017

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