Fabric Mask Making - Kanakavalli's Step by Step Guide

We've gotten together some simple and easy to follow step by step guides for you to make your own face masks -  and we hope you give them a try !

These great, easy sew and no-sew fabric face mask make guides are adapted from the guidelines for face covers recommended by the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD), Division of Viral Disease, USA

Prefer a printable guide? Click here for the PDF, save and print!

Have you seen our Fabric Face Mask Guide - its got our top tips and resources so you can be sure of what to consider, and how to care for and use your fabric face masks best. 

Stay safe, stay informed. 

 We hope you enjoyed these step by step make guides! Remember, these face masks are not an all-in solution for protection.Please practise all safety guidelines as advised by your health authorities.

Team Kanakavalli

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