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Vault : Moplah

This season, Kanakavalli spotlights the delicate weave details that enhance the beauty of the heirloom kanjivarams in our design-led Vault collective. It is these tiny elements that can transform a drape, beautifully tying together its palette and design.
In this curation, we focus on the moplah pattern, composed of three lines usually woven in a contrast colour at the intersection of a kanjivaram's borders and body, often highlighted with tiny pearl-like mutthu seeru lines. These woven accents require small pieces of yarn to be dyed in colours that will complement the sari. The techniques are traditional and laborious, resulting in delightful colour play that subtly elevates the visual effect of a kanjivaram.
Shop the Weave, Adorned - Moplah curation right here, and read more about the kanjivaram's woven accents in Varna Sutra: Alankaranam on the blog.

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