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Varna Sutra : Nila - Seas Of Blues

Varna Sutra : Nila - Seas Of Blues

This month, we immerse ourselves in the colour of infinity; in the myriad shades of the ocean and sky, with a celebration of blue or Nila in Kanakavalli's Varna Sutra.
Join us as we travel back in time, exploring cultural and spiritual roots to understand the many meanings and inspirations of the myriad representations of blues and shades of purples. Finding expression in the depiction of gods and goddesses, in the architecture of worship and in the natural world that surrounds us, these colours are captivating and beautiful.
On this journey, we are drawn into the intriguing universe of pop culture, where much loved film songs and singers reflect the cultural references of Varna Sutra's curation of blues and purples.
Shop the curation here, and delve further into the stories of these colours and their links to the craft in the accompanying article on our journal

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