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Varna Sutra

Varna Sutra : Nila - Infinity In Blues

Discover the kanjivaram's shades of blue and purple in Kanakavalli's Nila collective, an ode to the myriad hues of the ocean and sky. This palette, with its spiritual connotations, is deeply rooted in South Indian culture, finding expression in the depiction of gods and goddesses, the architecture of worship and the natural world around us. Ranging from the rich jewel tones of sapphire blue and turquoise, to the beautiful purple of the globe amaranth flower (Vadamalli), and the distinctive shade of 'M.S Blue' worn by one of the most iconic Carnatic singers M. S. Subbulakshmi, these colours emphasise the exquisite beauty of the fine kanjivaram silk.

Shop the Nila collective here and read the Varna Sutra article on our blog to delve into the rich symbolism of this palette.

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