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Varna Sutra : Mriga, Pakshi - Of Birds & Beasts

Varna Sutra : Mriga, Pakshi - Of Birds & Beasts

We explored the symbolism of colour and their expression on the drape in the opening editions of Varna Sutra; and now we turn to the kanjivaram's motifs, a significant element in the aesthetic of the sari. With a twin role of aesthetic appeal and symbolic meaning, motifs are drawn from the rich detail of temple architecture in Kanchipuram and from local culture and mythology.

In this curation, we discover the world of Mriga, Pakshi, or birds and beasts, that perch on the pallus, dot the body and march across the borders of the kanjivaram. Each creature, rendered in beautiful, stylised detail, takes inspiration from history and spirituality, and is emblematic of deeper meanings that run through the culture of South India.

Shop the curation here, and delve further into the stories behind Varna Sutra's Mriga, Pakshi and their links to the craft in the accompanying article on our journal. 

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