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Silken Canvas : Silk on Silk

Silken Canvas : Silk on Silk

In Kanakavalli's Silken Canvas collective, the kanjivaram is embellished with fine silk thread, unfolding in beautiful juxtapositions of colour and pattern. These saris are adorned with figured motifs and geometric designs, all woven in delicate yarn in contrast and complementary hues. The ornamentation of silk with silk leads to a myriad possibilities for colour play, emphasising the sumptuous drape and fall of the kanjivaram sari.

Ranging from classic motifs to bold checks and stripes that highlight the geometry of the sari, the lush kanjivarams in Silken Canvas are as versatile as they are timeless in their beauty. Whether woven in soft, complementary shades or standing out against the colour of the sari's body, the embellishments are intricate and exquisite in their execution.

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