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Perfectly Paired : The Collective

Perfectly Paired : The Collective

In the latest edition of Perfectly Paired, Kanakavalli creates striking combinations featuring our Mandanila soft silk saris paired with exquisite handcrafted fabric lengths from The Blouse Studio.
In addition to our classic Mandanila saris, the collection includes buttery soft silks from the much loved Summerheart curation, as well as delightfully bold colour-blocked dupion silk saris. These are juxtaposed against stunning blouse lengths in a range of crafts, from intricate Tanchois and textured raw silks, to delicate ikat silks and cottons. The pairings play with colour, texture, pattern and weave, exploring the beauty of contrasts, and highlighting the gentle drape of the vibrant Mandanila saris.
Explore these unusual and versatile pairings right here, and create your own statement combinations with Kanakavalli saris and fabric lengths from The Blouse Studio.

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