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In Glint, a very special edition of Perfectly Paired, Kanakavalli curates a selection of fine silver jewellery handcrafted by Ahalya, with exquisite kanjivarams that highlight the hues of the precious stones. Each elegant pairing brings together a classic drape, delicately embellished with silver zari or subtle silken yarn, with intricate pieces of jewellery featuring gemstones that are beautifully set off by the colours of the silk.

Ahalya's signature silver jewellery, lovingly handcrafted by master craftsmen, combines tradition with elements of the contemporary; offering the perfect foil to the grandeur of the Kanakavalli kanjivaram. The palettes of the saris are perfectly coordinated with the delicate hints of colour in the stones that are set in sterling silver in these earrings, necklaces and rings, with anti-tarnish alloys.

Discover how  turquoise stones are beautifully accented by silks in shades of blue shot with green; and how orange sapphire comes alive when set against deep reds and golden yellows. Look out for pairings featuring pearl, opal, white quartz with mop and hematite, all juxtaposed against stunning kanjivarams in delightful complementary colours

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