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Online Exclusive : Kolam Inspiration

Online Exclusive : Kolam Inspiration

Kanakavalli presents a collection of limited edition Kanjivarams that bring the Kolam to life in rich zari on silk. Kolams are the traditional geometric line drawings applied by women in Tamil Nadu to the ground outside their homes. Originally made with coarse rice flour, these auspicious designs are believed to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi into the household. The rice powder is considered an offering of food to birds, ants and other small insects – a daily tribute to peaceful coexistence.

Kanakavalli’s master weavers have drawn inspiration from the Kolam, recreating the beautiful and complex patterns in zari through an extraordinarily difficult and laborious weaving process. In a traditional, vibrant palette of colours, each sari in this online exclusive collection is a unique and timeless piece of art.

Available right here, only on kanakavalli dotcom!

UPDATE: This limited edition Collective is sold out. If you are interested in products from The Kolam Collective, please contact our Customer Assistance team on +91 87544 48349, or via the chat bubble on this site. Thanks!

There are currently no products in this collection.