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Navavarnam : Navaratri's Kanjivarams

Navavarnam : Navaratri's Kanjivarams

The festive season is truly upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with kanjivarams and colours. This Navaratri, Kanakavalli curates a special collection of kanjivaram silk saris in the colours that mark the festival's nine days. Each day is dedicated to one of the avatars of the Goddess, and the auspicious colour she is associated with.

We have drawn on the rich lexicon of hues from the weavers of South India - ranging from milagai pazham (red chilli) and pasu manjal (turmeric yellow) to the delightful shades of tropical flowers such as the orange kanakambaram and purple vadamalli.

These vivid silks are adorned with the classic and symbolic pairing of mayil (peacock) and chakram motifs, perfect for this celebration of prosperity, goodwill and the triumph of good over evil.

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