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Motif Spotlight : The Paisley

Motif Spotlight : The Paisley

In this curation of exquisite kanjivarams, Kanakavalli turns the spotlight to the ancient paisley motif; a twisted teardrop or mango that finds varied expression on the drape. Believed to have originated in Persia, the paisley, often called 'Mankolam' in Tamil, is associated with auspiciousness. The motif is a tribute to the magnificent sacred mango tree in Kanchipuram's Ekambaranathar temple, which is believed to yield four types of mangoes. 

Appearing as tiny paisleys delicately strung together on the border or pallu, or as intricately crafted buttis dotting the expanse of the silk, the motif takes numerous beautiful forms on the sari. Occasionally, it is woven amid intricate jacquard patterns on the body; at other times it is an elaborate, stylised shape on the border. The paisley might enclose other motifs within it, or be entwined with others to create exquisitely detailed designs in striking relief. 

Explore the intricacy of the eternal paisley with us in this gorgeous collection.

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