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Gopuram Korvai : A Divine Connect

Gopuram Korvai : A Divine Connect

The Kanjivaram 'korvai' jointing method allows the structure of the sari to take flight in a world of unexpected colour symphonies. 

This week, we magnify a sometimes overlooked design detail in the inspired method of attaching the korvai border to the body of the sari - the 'gopuram' shaped motif that defines yet another connection between weave and divinity - explore, if you will, how master craftsmen enfold the soaring gopuram found atop many temples, its significance and emotion, into the language of the kanjivaram drape. As tiny serrated triangles, or more articulated multi spiked interpretations, this beautiful design detail pays a quiet and enduring homage to the deep synergy of divinity in craft.

Connecting earth and sky, the tall gopuram topped temples stand rooted on the earth, and reach for the divine...on the kanjivaram, the same emotion is carried through as the border of this beautiful drape meets its very own sky, and perchance, the divine. 

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