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Ensconced : Motifs in play

Ensconced : Motifs in play

Kanakavalli presents Ensconced, a collection of fine Kanjivaram silks featuring motifs within motifs. Reflecting an exploration of the fineness of design, this layering adds intricacy and delicacy to the Kanjivaram. Each sari in this collection showcases the skill of the master weaver in creating exquisitely detailed motifs cocooned within others and embellished with traditional patterns.

Traditionally, Kanchipuram weavers believe that certain motifs are meant to go together. Birds and deer are considered soft motifs that complement each other; while lotuses and mangoes are thought to be the perfect accompaniment to the yazhi, a mythical creature that is part horse and part lion.

Ensconced takes you on a journey into the world of the Kanjivaram, allowing you to discover the many avatars of traditional motifs.

There are currently no products in this collection.