Kanakavalli Kanjivaram Silk Sari 040-01-90119

Rs. 174,590

Kanakavalli's April pick for The Beautiful Drape is an exquisite kanjivaram from the Vault collective of classic format heirloom saris. It is woven in the adai technique, entirely by hand on a loom without the use of jacquard. As a result, the motifs and patterns are striking in their size and relief.

This brown kanjivaram has twill checks in zari, highlighted with contrasting silk thread in navy blue and enclosing four different buttas in gold zari - yalis, elephants, peacocks and chakarams. It is unusual for four strong motifs to appear so close together, and yet here they are perfectly balanced in dimension and detail, complementing one another beautifully.

The chartreuse green borders shot with dark brown are adorned with moplah lines in vermillion, alongside salangai or anklet patterns, muthu seeru and a band of mayil kann between two rows of thuthiripoo motifs, all in gold zari with hints of navy blue. The pallu is woven in classic adai style, featuring a row of mann kuthirai (a particular form of the horse motif) and a row of yalis. Between these motifs is a band of large diamonds shapes, known as periya kann.

While the beauty of this sari lies in the stunning detail and relief of the traditional motifs and patterns woven in the laborious adai technique, the subtle interplay of colour adds emphasis to the drama of the weave.

The zari in this sari contains 90% of silver and 4% of gold.

Approximate Length - 5.4 meters + 0.6 to 0.65 meters (attached blouse)
Height - 1.17 - 1.27 meters.

Approximate weight - 985 grams.

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