Kanakavalli Bride : Navya

Navya weds Vinay

Kanakavalli Bride Navya doesn't believe in love at first sight - except when it comes to dogs! However, after being introduced to Vinay through her parents and meeting him a few times, she knew they were meant to be together.

Both are dermatologists and bonded over many common and varied interests. Navya and Vinay are so comfortable with each other that many people at the wedding couldn't believe it was an arranged marriage.

For Navya, love is understanding, trust, and loyalty that unfold over time between two people. While there was no official proposal, Vinay planned a wonderful day for Navya, with lunch at her favourite Thai restaurant.

He was going to propose at a fountain nearby where they stopped to chat. He couldn't gather the courage, however, and ended up professing his love for her in the car parking lot!

The couple had a traditional Gowda-style wedding in Bangalore, followed by a special lunch a week later. The events were filled with beautiful ceremonies, love and laughter. For Navya, the highlights of wedding planning were shopping for saris and jewellery.

She and Vinay travelled to Chennai with their families to visit Kanakavalli, and this was a wonderful opportunity for them to get to know each other better.

Seeing her parents' eyes fill with tears when they saw their daughter as a bride on the mandap is a moment Navya will never forget from her big day.

For brides planning their weddings, Navya's advice is to try not to micromanage everything and to just enjoy the experience.

The first time Navya saw a Kanakavalli kanjivaram was when a friend picked one for her wedding. She knew immediately that she wanted her wedding saris from Kanakavali, even before her wedding had been planned!

While Navya had always dreamt of a classic red kanjivaram for the wedding ceremony, her favourite colour is blue, and she chose a gorgeous blue kanjivaram for the traditional lunch.

Navya says that the experience of shopping at Kanakavalli at Kingsley was amazing. She loved the ambience of the store, the beauty of the silks, as well as the patience of the team as they draped saris for her to view.

Having set her heart on a red kanjivaram for the wedding and a blue one for the luncheon, Navya was thrilled that she found exactly what she was looking for within a few minutes!

A big thank you to Navya for being a gorgeous Kanakavalli Bride and sharing the story of her wedding with us. We wish her and Vinay a lifetime of love and laughter.

Wedding Credits -

MUA: Shruthi Julta
Photography: Journeys by Vivek

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